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Size & Fit

How to measure
Please follow these guidelines for self measurement. You will be asked for this data while filing the order form. Hear is an Image to help you out.

1. COLLAR SIZE measured at 'Adams aple' with one thumb under the tape for a comfortable fit.

2. CHEST all the way round at widest part (just under armpits). Add 1-2 inches for actual jacket chest size, to allow for movement.

3. WAIST at navel height take firm (not slack) measurement. this measurment corresponds to the top of the hips. N.B. A  kilt is worn higher than trousers and therefore the measurment will be different.

4. HIPS measure the broadest part of your hips.

5. SLEEVE measure your sleeve length from top point of shoulder to about 3.5 cms above the top knuckle of your thumb.

6. KILT LENGTH (two people required) kneel down maintaining and upright posture. Other person should measure distance from navel straight down to ground.