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Scottish Pets You Cant Imagine Life Without

A Border Collie

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Of all the Scottish pets you can’t imagine life without, collies and terriers are two of the favorites.

Collies are highly active working dogs bred with coats made to hold up to regional climates in rough and smooth haired varieties. Full-grown collies weigh 70 to 90 pounds, and vary in shades of golds and browns with white or black accents. Because of their size and physical energy, they require strong discipline to make suitable house pets.

Border collies and bearded collies are also very adept at herding livestock, and while good-natured, require a lot of space in which to roam.

Smaller collie varieties such as the Shetland sheepdog are recommended as better companions for smaller spaces.

Terriers are also excellent working breeds and are well-loved as family pets. One of the most popular terriers, and all around favorite dog for many, is the Scottish terrier. Scotties are most commonly black, but can also be wheat or brindle. The first Scottish terrier appeared in the mid 1800’s and has remained favorite ever since. another favorite, and very popular as show dogs, are the West highland white terrier. Reaching a height of only 11 inches, the Westie makes a wonderful house pet and companion.

Scotland citizens today have caught on to the trend of exotic pets. Growing popularity is seen in keeping more “interesting” animals for companions: skunks, spiders, iguanas, and snakes are among the new choices. For those who prefer the classics, the dog breeds of Scotland are hard to top!