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5 Interesting Facts About Highland Games

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Sports in the modern age come and go; the Highland Games in Scotland predate written history. They originate from the earliest Clan gatherings, not only for localities to show off their strongest and most athletic young men, but for Clan leaders to get a good look at the talent available for battle. Regarding the first and best of sport in Scotland:

1. The “Haggis Toss” is not a traditional Highland game. Indeed, tossing a haggis about is a criminal waste of food, so flying haggis at true Highland Games is right out.

2. The weight and dimensions of objects used at each Highland Games vary; today, as in the past, real stones and logs are used.

3. The pine logs used in caber tosses from year to year tend to dry out. Many cabers, then, are soaked for a time in water before the games, to attempt to add the lost weight.

4. Highland Dancing is a competition that demands strength, grace, and stamina. Originally, only men danced at the games, but in the late 19th century, Jenny Douglas entered the competition. Today, 95% of all Highland Games dancers are women.

5. Lighter stones for putting the shot and the hammer throw, as well as lighter logs for the caber toss are being used by women in the Highland Games competition. Though historically murky, the women’s competition is accepted by the men. After all, who would want to argue with a woman who throws large stones and large bits of trees?