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How To Plan A Scottish Wedding

Planning a wedding can be fun but at the same time it can be very stressful. Especially if your wedding is not going to be any normal wedding and you are choosing to use a theme or to involve traditional elements. These can make planning your wedding just that little bit trickier. So here are a few tips if you are planning a wedding in Scotland.

To get your wedding to resemble the weddings of Scotland old, you need to select the right venue. Throughout Scotland, there are castles, manor houses and hotels on lochs that all scream Scottish style. Many wedding venues in Scotland specialise in traditional ceremonies and hosting weddings that create special days that you will remember forever. What sets Scottish venues apart from other places is the historic value they often carry, along with the magnificent views and locations. Stoked in history, from kings and queens to battles, there is a magic that is capture in these historic venues, that emulates class and style.

What you wear can also emulate Scottish style with the use of tartan. If you are serious about creating a Scotland wedding then the Groom and his party must adorn kilts. Most people think of men in silly skirts but kilts are traditional Scottish wear for men at weddings. And there is a large amount of variety from traditional to modern tartans that can suit any taste and style. However, remember that kilts can be very expensive so often people rent kilts to cut down the costs. This is very common and you are able to get a wide variety of styles and sizes. For the bridal party, there are tartan sachets that can be worn to match the groomsmen which creates a very together look that gives and impression of unity that truly make the bride and groom stand out.

Food is another factor that will set the tone of a wedding, and can make a huge impression on your guests. There is a large variety of Scottish dishes that are popular in weddings, from haggis to fresh Scottish salmon, veal to Angus steak. With fresh meat and food from across the country, there is plenty to choose from and it is sure to impress everyone at your wedding. Getting locally produced ffod give your wedding a connection to the surrounding area and adds authenticity to your big day.

And to really get the part started in true Scottish style, employing a ceilidh band will do the trick. These types of bands are traditionally used for most large celebrations andparties in Scotland. Ceilidh dancing is also performed where men and women take to the dance floor and dance to live band music that has been played for centuries. This is not only good fun but again give your wedding that Scottish style. And don’t worry if you don’t know the dances, these bands often come with their own ceilidh dancers that are able to teach or remind you and your guests the moves.

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