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Celtic Jewellery; Buying Guide


Celtic jewellery is indeed still highly desired. Despite being age old designs, these patterns are still magnetic and highly alluring. The majestic beauty that the Celtic era signifies flows through these ornaments and it comes as no surprise then that many jewellery stores have flooded several other counters over and above the bridal jewellery section with these patterns. Jewellery UK designers have realised the potential of these designs and have begin to use silver, gold and platinum when creating these pieces. Right from corals and semi precious stones to even precious stones such as emerald and rubies, Celtic designs are making place for them all.

However, despite the high attraction of these jewellery pieces, not many of us know how to go about buying them. Keeping the advice listed below will go a long way in ensuring that one is able to pick the right kind of Celtic jewellery.

Everyday wear- Not all of us go to jewellery stores looking to buy grand and expensive stuff. Most of us are hoping to buy jewellery that we can wear casually too. Celtic designs can easily be incorporated into your daily wear jewellery, despite their grand designs. Most jewellery UK designers have understood this fact and designed, rings, pendants and even ear wear in materials like silver and other similar cheaper metals that can be worn almost everyday. Try and pick Celtic patterns that look complete even though they have been incorporated in smaller ornaments.

Special occasion wear – If looking to buy Celtic jewellery for a special occasion, so that it has an awe inspiring impact, pick out a slightly larger piece than a smaller one. Neck pieces look especially nice when it comes to Celtic designs, since it allows the designers the freedom of a larger space. Chokers, larger bracelets and even chunkier earrings should be picked when hoping to wear the ornaments at a wedding or a red carpet occasion. These can be in either gold or silver, according to your budget and preference.

Bridal wear – For those brides who wish to adorn these Celtic designs with their lovely white gowns, the sky is the limit. Celtic bridal jewellery is very popular since it lends a majestic aura to the bride. You can pick designs that have semi precious and chunky stones in them in order to add some colour to the jewellery piece. Working with moon stones and even corals will work quite well since these stones blend rather nicely with the Celtic patterns. Keep in mind that these designs usually look better in an antique finish as opposed to a glossy one.

The bottom line is that when choosing a Celtic ornament, one need not follow any restrictions. Be it traditional wear or everyday casual attires, these ornaments mix and match with everything. The very fact that Celtic jewellery has been around for all these centuries goes to prove that these patters are going to live as long as ornaments do.

By: Karoline Watson

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Karoline Watson has been involved in the celtic jewellery market for many years. This article outlines some of the qualities found in the Ola Gorie range of bridal jewellery.