Sewing A Kilt; The Easy Way

Spools of thread

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Wanna sew a kilt? Take these few easy steps and you will have your own simple kilt.

First purchase a tartan, a plaid, woven cloth fabric. The best tartan fabrics are found in Scotland, but a reasonable facsimile can also be purchased in any fabric store in the world.

You will need to know the measurements of the hips and the waist of the person who will be donning your Scottish masterpiece. You will also need to know the length from the hip to the knee. These measurements will determine the size of the tartan you will need to purchase.

Cut the tartan in half. One half will be the front or apron. Sew the hems. Take two pieces the length of the kilt and save them to make your waistband and fringe.

The most difficult part of making a kilt is the heavily pleated back, and this is done by first measuring what is called the sett. Measure the sett from the center of one square to the center of the one adjacent to it to determine the sett length. Make the part of the pleat that you do not see that is folded under the same size as the space between the pleats. Iron down the pleats with a hot iron.

Take one of the strips you saved and sew it to the length of the apron. Cut the vertical threads to unravel them to make the fringe and attach to the apron. Sew the fronts and backs together, hem the piece you saved for the waistband and sew the waistband around them. You have now created a simple kilt.