5 most attractive things in Scotland

Scotland is famous for many things – kilts, whisky, beautiful landscapes and castles. And there are five categories that you would like to visit Scotland because of:

1. Cities

[photo by: stusmith_uk]

[photo by: Jo&hercamera ]

[photo by: atomicjeep ]

[photo by: Bob the courier ]

2. Culture

[photo by: Donald Macleod ]

[photo by: foxypar4 ]

[photo by: Donald Macleod ]


[photo by: conner395 ]

[photo by: Shadowgate ]

3. Lakes

[photo by: *saxon* ]

[photo by: mike138 ]

4. Coast

[photo by: Niffty.. ]

5. Mountains

[photo by: nsgbrown ]

[photo by: stusmith_uk ]

[photo by: Effervescing Elephant ]

[photo by: mike138 ]