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Fall Fashions: Plaids Not Just For Kilts

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Fashion trends come and go- season in and season out- new colors, styles and fabrics find their way into department stores and boutiques. Before you head to choose your new wardrobe of fall fashions, you need to know what’s hot and what’s not. One popular look for fall is plaid. Before you think that may be too much for you, here are some options to sneak this hot fall had into your wardrobe (without looking like a little school girl).

You don’t have to be part of a clan or play the bagpipes to wear plaid. And, this year’s fall fashions have laid in all colors – not just the traditional red and green. You can get black and white, pink and black, purple and white- think of a color combination and you’ll find it. Patterns are popular in all sizes too. Small or large, you can choose the pattern that looks best on you.

In outerwear, plaid coats are hot right now. Pair a checkered pea coat or blazer with a turtleneck. If that’s too much, drape a tartan scarf around a solid coat or wrap it around your waist for a belt. There’s also the classic pleated mini that looks great with solid opaque tights and some ankle boots, which are in fashion this fall too. Pair a plaid jumper with a solid turtleneck and opaque tights. There are so many options available to you with this trend because it is such a classic look.

Seek out tartans in some of the hot colors for fall fashions and you’ll be killing two fashion birds with one stone. Colors like burnt orange and shitake, yes think the color of the mushroom, are hot this fall and make a great checkered combination. Red and mustard yellow are showing up in department stores, but purple, in various shades, is the “it” color for fall. If the bold colors are not quite ‘You’, go with a classic black and white combination and add red accessories for color.

If you’re afraid to go with a skirt or top in plaid, you can still be a part of the fall fashions trend with checkered accessories. Throw a scarf with check patterns around your neck – you can get silk, cashmere or wool depending on how dressy you want to look. Another option is a fun handbag. Big or small, a plaid handbag adds a nice touch to an outfit. You can even get plaid pumps or heels. Of course, you want to pair your pumps, handbag and scarf with basic solid colors. Too many patterns are too much for the eyes.

Whether you shop at the department stores, discount retailers or on-line, you should be able to find the perfect piece of checkered clothing. It’s a classic that goes great with solids, dressy or casual- just avoid the head to toe look. It’s easy to follow the latest fashion trends and it doesn’thave to break your bank. Pick one look that you love and work a plaid piece into it- shoes, handbag, skirt, etc. Because fall fashions are always changing, you don’t need a closet full of tartans. Go with the basics and jazz it up with a little plaid. You’ll be looking pretty in plaid and in style. And not only in a kilt!

By: Andrew Stratton

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