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Highland Games

Weight throw

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How can you celebrate Scotland and Scottish culture better than just having competitions in piping and drumming, dancing, and Scottish heavy athletics with a lot of fun, bagpipes and men in kilts? There is no better way than Highland games, events held throughout the year in Scotland but not only (i.e. USA).

In some books we can find notes about strong men in Scotland. in Middle Ages training their arms and willing to fight in wars. And after ages they were still training but not to fight on the war but to use their strength during Highland games.

There are a few athletic disciplines that are standard for those games:

* Caber toss – throwing a long, heavy tapered pine pole or log, tring to do this in the 12 o’clock position;

* Stone put – just like modern shot put in the Olympic Games but with usage of large stone;

* Scottish hammer throw – just like modern hammer throw with slight differences.

Among non athletic disicplines you can find Highland dancing that we were written about earlier.

Take a look at the video. If you are interested in finding some more information check the Wikipedia here.