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Amazing Highland Sword Dance

Highland Dancing Competition - Dornoch Highlan...

Image by foxypar4 via Flickr

Highland dances are an important part of a scottish tradition and rustic folklore of this land.  Scottish dances have a several ages of history and after that there are a lot of inspiring and well known stories left. Popular legends say about kings and heroic warriors, which dance a Highland Sword Dance before a great battle – when it had went right a combat was victorious, when the dance had been tenuous and the dancer had kicked the sword  it was a bad omen – the chieftain of the clan would expect to lose the battle. Now a Highland Sword Dance is a part of culture and tradition of Scotland and a lot of people practice this type activity in a dance groups around entire world. Thanks to the internet you can learn some basics even in your home. See films below and try to experience scottisch folklore by yourself:

And something more amateurish, I guess: