Scrumptious Scottish Cuisine

Scottish cuisine

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The very mention of Scottish cuisine brings water in the mouths of many people. Scottish cuisine is adored by food lovers all over the world because of its’ excellent flavor and delicious ingredients. Although the signature dish of Scotland is Haggis, Scotland’s kitchen has much more to offer. In addition to food of Scotland, Scottish Whisky popularly known as Scotch is certainly a world leader in the finest spirits of the world.

Scotland’s natural pantry of game, dairy, fish, fruit, and vegetables is the integral factor of conventional Scots cooking, with a high degree of reliance on simplicity and a lack of spices from abroad. In recent times greater importance has been placed on the consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables, otherwise Scots generally love fat and deep-fried food in addition to the traditional ones.

Appetizers consist of Scotch Eggs, hard boiled eggs which are wrapped in lean ground pork or turkey, rolled in egg and breaded then baked. Stuffed meatballs are also quite common. They are made up of minced beef mixed with spices and egg, a chunk of mozzarella cheese put in the center and rolled into balls which are baked or fried.

Soups are very popular in Scotland and are savored by almost everyone. The ingredients are fresh and natural and the soups can be served both hot or cold. Bonfire Warmer Soup made with carrots, onions, bacon, butter, milk and chicken stock. Cullen skink (Finnan haddock and potato soup) comes form a small town on the Moray Firth coast called Cullen.

Another important element of Scottish meal is meat and fishes. Scottish lochs and rivers are loaded with different varieties of fish, while shellfish such as lobster, oysters and prawns are gathered from Scotland’s rugged coastline. Veal and lamb are often used like pork. Lamb is roasted or used in stews, curries, casseroles or mutton pies.

Scottish cuisine is wonderful and has managed to leave an important mark on the world due its’ authentic taste and flavors.

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