Kilts – for any Day of the Year

Thursday, April 15th, 2010
Three tartans
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What is it about kilts that most people find intriguing? Kilts are one of the most recognizable pieces of national dress in the world. They may look like skirts, but are worn by soldiers of the Highland regiments, men not known to be sissies. Many women find men in kilts irresistibly sexy, plus there’s that whole “what do they wear under their kilts” question.

Kilts as we know them have only been in existence for a few hundred years. Ancient Scots wore tunics like most men in that time period. A garment of woven wool called a belted plaid was worn over the tunic as a sort of outer garment, coat, and traveling blanket all wrapped up in one. Due to the length, they were pleated, wrapped about the body, and belted. This was the beginning of the kilt.

Kilts are now available in many tartans, representing clans such as Stewart or McDonald. For many years they were only worn on special occasions or by the military, but they are now becoming more and more popular for daily wear. Most men find them quite comfortable. Unlike the tight pants that many men wear, they are not constricting at all. They are comfortable all year round–warm in winter and breezy in summer. (more…)

Scottish Kilts – Or Are They?

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009
Tartan galore
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One of the main problems I saw was the fact that kilts were being old for £20 or less. Well it doesn’t take a genius to work out that these are not exactly the real deal when a normal kilt can cost anything from £250 upwards. There is a place for all sorts of products in the world but I see a lot more underlying problems with these garments and those like them and I would like to discuss them with you further.

Firstly, I would like to describe an authentic Scottish kilt. As there are many professional kiltmakers in Scotland obviously slight manufacturing differences will exist between them. What I am describing is a “standard” type of traditional Scottish kilt that has been manufactured by tradesmen throughout the centuries. (more…)