Scottish Gifts for Everyone

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Scotland T-shirt Want to bring your loved ones something special from Scotland? Here are some suggestions of what you can buy.

T-shirts are always unique gift  – if you don’t know the specific tastes of the person you’re buying the souvenir for, it might be the best choice, along with things like baseball caps.

Sporrans are small satchels carried in front of the kilt. The high quality ones can be a nice remind of the beautiful culture.

Kilts – the most traditional Scottish wear adorned with the famous tartan pattern is one of the most obvious gifts from the beautiful Long Kiltcountry.

Kilts come in many colours and lengths, also prices vary from a couple of dozens to even a couple of thousands of pounds. Here, an example of a nice, classic kilt and an option for ladies.

Small gadgets like mugs, funny egg cups or a Lone Piper figurine are always nice and do not cost much. There is a wide variety of these kind of small gifts available and they are always fun to have. (more…)

Celtic Jewellery – Buying Guide

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

Celtic jewellery is indeed still highly desired. Despite being age old designs, these patterns are still magnetic and highly alluring. The majestic beauty that the Celtic era signifies flows through these ornaments and it comes as no surprise then that many jewellery stores have flooded several other counters over and above the bridal jewellery section with these patterns. Jewellery UK designers have realised the potential of these designs and have begin to use silver, gold and platinum when creating these pieces. Right from corals and semi precious stones to even precious stones such as emerald and rubies, Celtic designs are making place for them all.

However, despite the high attraction of these jewellery pieces, not many of us know how to go about buying them. Keeping the advice listed below will go a long way in ensuring that one is able to pick the right kind of Celtic jewellery.

Everyday wear- Not all of us go to jewellery stores looking to buy grand and expensive stuff. Most of us are hoping to buy jewellery that we can wear casually too. Celtic designs can easily be incorporated into your daily wear jewellery, despite their grand designs. Most jewellery UK designers have understood this fact and designed, rings, pendants and even ear wear in materials like silver and other similar cheaper metals that can be worn almost everyday. Try and pick Celtic patterns that look complete even though they have been incorporated in smaller ornaments. (more…)

Glasgow – Shopping, Pubs & Clubs

Friday, January 15th, 2010
Beer and wine glasses
Image by Bruno Girin via Flickr

It’s estimated that Glasgow has over 50 nightclubs and 100 bars, so you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to a great night out! There are venues to suit everyone’s tastes – some of the most popular traditional pubs are the Brel Bar, The Shack and The Shed, to themed bars such as the Bar Jedi which pays homage to George Lucas’s Star Wars movies, and The Cooler, which is a prison themed public house!

For the serious clubber, there are DJ’s playing the latest tunes at Archaos, the Arches, the Sub Club, Yang, Alaska and Media Nightclub to name but a few. Other popular nightclub haunts for the serious reveller include the Garage, The Savoy, Trash, the G2, Tiger-Tiger and the Velvet Rooms. (more…)

Scottish Swords – The Claymore, Scottish Dirk and Sgian Dubh

Friday, September 18th, 2009
Sgian dubh
Image by Gordon McKinlay via Flickr

If you were preparing for battle and could only bring three weapons, which would they be? Ancient Scottish warriors would have brought a Claymore for their primary weapon and a Scottish Dirk with matching Sgian Dubh for their backup.

Claymore swords had blades that were notoriously large and double-edged. These swords were basically like customized Scottish Hand And A Half Swords if you take the time to examine both styles. (more…)