Best Traditional Scottish Scones Recipe

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009
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The Best traditional Scottish Scones Recipe will produce delicious, large, light scones that melt in the mouth when eaten. The whole of the United Kingdom is famous for its scones, but I still maintain that Scottish cooks produce the best. You will find many different varieties, from plain scones, fruit scones, cherry scones, date scones and savoury cheese scones. You can buy them in Bakers’ Shops and supermarkets everywhere, and I doubt if you will find a coffee shop in the land, which does not have scones on the menu. Restaurants which serve the traditional Scottish ‘High Tea’ will almost always have freshly-baked scones as part of the meal.

Of course in Scotland we also have other ‘scones’ which are totally different, such as the Potato Scone (probably the Scottish equivalent of Hash Browns) which is usually served with a cooked breakfast; and we also have ‘drop scones’, which are made with a batter-like mixture using a griddle (or girdle) but are called Scotch Pancakes. There are other types of scones such as Treacle Scones, Soda Scones, and whole-meal scones. All of these as well as Potato (or Tattie) Scone and the Drop Scone are not what I am describing as a traditional Scottish Scone. (more…)

Scotland And Traditional Marmalade Recipes

Saturday, December 19th, 2009
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Marmalade is a jam (jelly) made from oranges, traditionally served at breakfast time. The best kind is made from slightly bitter Seville oranges. There are many kinds of traditional marmalades in Britain, but the original is Scottish Dundee Kieller marmalade.

According to the legend Mrs Janet Keiller first made it in Dundee (a major port city at the time) in 1797 when her husband brought a cargo of oranges that were being sold cheaply after a spanish ship was forced to take refuge in the port during a storm. Needing to use up lots of Seville oranges in one go Mrs Keiller decided to make them into a preserve and Keiller Dundee Marmalade was born. (more…)

Making Scottish Style Bread

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009
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The bread-making industry has made great strides in Scotland. In Glasgow alone there are two firms which each bake over two thousand bags of flour a week — namely, J. and B. Stevenson and Bilsland Brothers — while five other firms each bake from five hundred to one thousand bags a week in respect to the output, Scotland is a long way in advance of either England or Ireland. I can well remember the time when oatmeal cakes and scones were the staple food in Scotland; but such food is now notable by its absence. This brings to mind a story I once heard of an Englishman and a Scotchman who were arguing on the merits of their respective countries. The Englishman said, “Man Sandy, you are all fed on oatmeal! Why, in England we only feed our horses on oats.” Sandy’s reply was, “I don’t na but what you say, man, is a very true, but where wull ye get sic horses and where wull ye get sic men ?” (more…)

Scrumptious Scottish Cuisine

Thursday, May 28th, 2009
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The very mention of Scottish cuisine brings water in the mouths of many people. Scottish cuisine is adored by food lovers all over the world because of its’ excellent flavor and delicious ingredients. Although the signature dish of Scotland is Haggis, Scotland’s kitchen has much more to offer. In addition to food of Scotland, Scottish Whisky popularly known as Scotch is certainly a world leader in the finest spirits of the world. (more…)