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Famous Scottish Fashion Designers and Awards

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

Caledonistas rocked the world of fashion in 2009 at Sterling Castle, Scotland with the ‘Catwalk Caledonia’. The fourth annual Scottish Fashion Awards presented a cortege of designs from Louise Gray, Holly Fulton, Graeme Black, Pringle of Scotland, Jonathan Saunders, Henry Holland, Graeme Armour, Laura Lees, Pam Hogg and many others.

[photo by: EraPhernalia Vintage]

Scottish Fashion Awards Hall of Fame inductee was Pam Hogg, a young Scottish lass with a very unique flair for punk couture design. Pam Hogg attended Fine Art and Printed Textiles at Glasgow School of Art then the Royal College of Art in London where she obtained her MA. First shown as part of the Hyper Hyper collective from 1985-89, her collection is now the Hogg-Couture and consists of her trademark catsuits and colourful skintight dresses. (more…)

26 Kilts and Tartan Unusual Use/Capture

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

Tartan and kilts are defenitely not boring. Just check this out.

Up Your Kilt


[photo by: robynejay]

Kilted Beer


[photo by: Meggrs]



[photo by: e.mel87]

Kilted Plain


[photo by Bob the courier]

Lego Highland Dancers


[photo by: Rob Young] (more…)

The Classic Styling of Tweed in Fashion

Monday, March 1st, 2010

When choosing pieces to add to your wardrobe, the classic stylings of tweed can add to your collection in a way that will last for many years. Tweed has been used in fashion for decades, but it is interesting to note that its origins are actually very humble.

[photo by: Adam UXB Smith]

Tweed jackets and clothing was worn originally by folks who lived in the countryside and was well suited for jackets to keep the wearer toasty warm in the bleakest of conditions. (more…)

Go Scotland Tours: West Scotland Highlands And Islands

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

In the heartland of Scotland, Argyll and Bute is one of 32 council areas divided in 1996. Included are such areas as Oban, the Inner Hebrides, Inveraray, Lochgilphead, Tarbert, Islay and Jura. The 2nd biggest council area in size in Scotland yet the 22nd in Population. With over 3000 miles in coastline including the islands this is a vast region with grand nature and rural life.

Scottish_Summer (more…)

Most Famous Customs in Scotland

Monday, January 18th, 2010
Firework Display - Hogmanay Street Party
Image by foxypar4 via Flickr

The Scots are a proud people with a rich heritage steeped in culture, custom and tradition. And many of the Scottish traditions have been carried on for centuries in Celtic cultures and by immigrants around the world.

Robert Burns
The Burns Night Supper is a dinner event commemorating Robert Burns, celebrated on the poet’s birthday on January 25. Friends and family will assemble for a traditional haggis meal, accompanied by a reading of his poems and speeches, followed by a group sing-a-long to the Robert Burns’ songs. (more…)

Secret And Beautiful Wedding Venues In Glasgow

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009
Main Entrance of the Kelvingrove Art Meseum
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If you are having your Scottish wedding in Glasgow and you are looking for a more unusual type of wedding venue for your ceremony or reception, then any one of these beautiful wedding venues will be worth a look.

Trades Hall
Situated in the trendy Merchant City area of Glasgow, the Trades Hall is truly a hidden gem when it comes to wedding venues. Built around 1790, it is probably one of the most important historical building in Glasgow. Impressive, sumptuous, and elegant, it is a truly memorable venue to have a wedding. It can accommodate up to 230 for the wedding meal.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum (more…)

Whisky Regions Of Scotland

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009
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Just as France has its wine regions, Scotland has its whisky regions. Each one produces whiskies of various qualities which, even to the novice, are noticeable in taste, colour and aroma. Every distillery in Scotland has its own story to tell and peculiar traditions, adding to the romance and mystique of Scotch whisky distilling.

A visit to a whisky distillery is an unforgettable and unique experience, and no matter where you are in Scotland there will be a distillery nearby. A trip round Scotland isn’t possible for everyone, so it helps to be informed about the characteristics of each region’s whisky, and tailor visiting distilleries to individual taste.


The lowland region covers the area from the border with England and from the Clyde estuary to the Tay estuary. The main feature of lowland whiskies is their dry, light flavour and colour, mainly due to the lighter lowland barley and smaller amount of peat used in the barley drying process. Although they are light, they have a sweet, almost fruity taste and make a great aperitif, perfect for the newcomer to Scotch whisky drinking. Notable lowland whiskies are Auchentoshan, Bladnoch, and Glen Kinchie. (more…)

Scottish Traditions To Bring Luck To Your Wedding

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009
Tim and Leslie Scotland-Stewart Wedding by MA ...
Image by MacAllenBrothers via Flickr

Whether you are getting married in Scotland, or being married abroad, here are some great Scottish Wedding Traditions that can add a flavour of Scotland to your wedding!

Luckenbooth Brooch
Give your love a Scottish brooch, called a “Luckenbooth”, as a token of your love or as a marriage gift. It is usually made of silver and is engraved with two hearts entwined. Many couples will then pin this to the blanket of their first baby for good luck. (more…)