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Scottish Commercials You Can’t Miss

Saturday, October 16th, 2010

Earlier we had something about Scottish movies here, now it’s time for most interesting Scottish commercials. Scottish advertising is funny, original and creative. Authors based on characteristic associations with this country – so in commercials below we mostly see kilts, beer, whisky, Scottish landscapes. Sometimes we hear also an original Scottish accent ;)

So let’s watch it!


Scottish Movies You Have to See!

Sunday, October 3rd, 2010
P Cinema
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While blockbusters such as “Braveheart” may provide an introduction to the cinematic culture of Scotland, contemporary Scottish filmmakers are more likely to question the value of survival, and to use humor to examine the nature of being human.

Being Human” is, in fact, the title of one of famed Scottish director Bill Forsyth’s films. Robin Williams plays the central character in five narrative stories spanning the history of humankind. The theme of perseverance against all odds, along with Forsyth’s vivid, unpredictable imagination make this film memorable.

Forsyth’s first international hit, “Gregory’s Girl” features a socially-challenged teen infatuated with the new girl in school, despite the fact that her soccer skills far outshine his own. Film critic Roger Ebert raved about “Gregory’s Girl,” declaring that “the movie contains so much wisdom about being teenage and vulnerable” that perhaps “only grown-ups should see this movie.”

So significant have been Forsyth’s contributions to Scottish Cinema, that in “Trainspotting” a character parodies a line from “Gregory’s Girl.” However, this cult classic has none of Forsyth’s gentle insight. Based on the Irvine Welsh novel, the film follows heroin addicts along self-destructive rambles through Edinburgh. (more…)